Maya principally stands for bodily awareness and harmony.
A consciousness with its roots in childhood, the learning of various instruments
(violin, djembe and piano), before the advent of guitar and songs of
adolescence. Which allows the acting-out of a dream in the wake of her
education in the humanities: attending the Music Academy International in
Nancy. After which, a concatenation of training sessions, internships, courses,
jams, etc.
And a complete artistic awakening through dance, all while being rendered
sublime by encounters at the meeting-place of several worlds.
Everything resonates with an elegant intensity, oscillating betwixt the Turkish
and the French, from their texts and lyrics. Accompanied by skilled and
experienced musicians (François Capelle, Piwi Leman, Gaëtan Tresignies), who
carry Maya along in her quest for often heady melodies and sensibility. As on
the stage, so in life.
In common with other experiences, heading from the theater towards cinema via
Music Therapy, Gospel and animal communication, coupled with more intimate
experiences, sources of questioning, which guide her in the direction she has
chosen to take: the return to self and the Earth, that which is essential, to the
detriment of the pursuit of recognition, the more superficial.
After her first EP, playing at numerous venues and now bearing various notable
prizes (“Tremplin de la jeunesse”, “Collectif Charbon Actif”, “Rock and Roll
newcomers’ contest, etc.), Maya is back. She has returned to cradle you. To
intoxicate you. As ever, betwixt the worlds of the Turkish and the French.
Straddling pop, folk and world music. With "En chemin, the EP before the album with a greater personal dimension.

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